Families are the best!

There are so many reasons to love your family. They’re there for you when you win, when you lose, and when you just need someone to listen. To me, the best part about a family is watching them through the years. When there are photographs or video of them so that you can watch your kids grow, see your grandparents when they were young, and remember those who may no-longer be with us. There is a timelessness of a photo or video from the past, and a reminder of great moments together.

I love taking photos of families. It’s chaotic, fun, and unpredictable. Little kids, dogs, cats, hamsters… did I mention kids? The fun is in getting to have a conversation with a family and learn who they are; to share something between us. The fact that we were chosen to capture their special moments means the world to us. This is our opportunity to freeze time, or capture it in motion and preserve it for generations to come to enjoy. We want to make sure you’re having a great time, and maybe doing something a little off the beaten path from the usual aristocratic photos of the past. It’s OK to be silly and have a good time. Laugh with each other and let us help preserve the memory that you can see and share for years to come.


When you’re looking for fun and creative ways of getting your family photos, think of us. You’re in good company when it comes to understanding the importance of family memories.